Our Services

We are pleased to introduce our Care and Support management services. Support Care Recruitment has management personnel who have been in this business for a number of years and continues to grow in your own locality.


Support Care Recruitment is a Support Care which provides care workers and support workers with a high standard of care. We are providing nurses, care assistants and support workers. The services for the supply of Support Care’s range from an adhoc-basis, contract, preferred supplier, and (one-stop-shop) for example one to one . The type of service can be chosen according to the specific needs of your Service Users. Training needs are met according to the National Minimum Standards and can be tailored to your specific requirements from all members who are supplied by Support Care Recruitment. We also arrange staff cover at short notice. Please note that we are on standby 24 hours, and feel free to call us.

  • Offer companionship and conversation
  • Arrange appointments
  • Help with travel arrangements
  • Assist with entertaining
  • Help with reading
  • Participate in hobbies and crafts
  • Monitor diet and eating
  • Buy magazines, papers and books, etc
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Provide light housekeeping
  • Dusting and vacuuming
  • Help with washing and ironing
  • Make beds and change bed linen
  • Answer the door
  • Organise wardrobes and cupboards
  • Take out rubbish
  • Meal preparation and tidy away
  • Check food expiry dates
  • Supervise home maintenance
  • Oversee home deliveries
  • Care for houseplants
  • Assist with pet care
  • Prepare shopping lists
  • Help with general shopping
  • Drop off and collect dry cleaning

We at Support Care understand that sometimes family members, who care for loved ones, need some time to themselves so we offer a sitting in and overnight service for clients that are very vulnerable and cannot be left alone.  Our sitting in / overnight service is designed to suit both the needs of the client and their main carer.  We are happy to provide the service as a one off or on-going to suit your needs.  Our carers will encourage and initiate stimulating activities for clients when providing this service.

We empower our clients to continue living life to the full by supporting you to carry out activities that you love.  Our carers can support clients to maintain community links by hosting afternoon tea parties for you and your friends. Facilitating games evenings, book clubs, in line with client’s lifestyle, choice and requirements.  Our carers can facilitate day trips giving you our client the ability to continue doing the things you love to do with the assurance that help is always at hand.

Short Breaks/Respite


Price on assessment


Short Breaks/Respite within your own home allowing your main carer/s the chance of a break in the knowledge that their loved ones are being looked after.

Our care team care for people with a wide range of conditions. These conditions may be physical or emotional, and present a variety of needs which require specialist support.

We find solutions to help people to have an excellent quality of life and enjoy opportunities to live in their community.

Examples of conditions we support include; congenital or acquired brain injury, tumors, haemorrhages, epilepsy, strokes or spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions and diseases, physical disabilities and needs associated with limited mobility, difficulties with; eating and drinking, breathing, sensory impairment and communication, mental health and other health needs.

Respite Care is the next best thing for you and your carer. You get looked after in your own home and can continue doing everything you usually do while your carer – a family member, friend or neighbour – has time away to relax or catch up with other things knowing that you’re in good hands.

Support Care’s care workers can stand-in for an hour or two or even live in your home to cover your carer’s holiday. They can take you out to your clubs and social events, walk your dog, clean your flat, arrange a hair cut or just spend time with you.

Whatever you need, they always come prepared to slot into your normal routine, remembering your right to respect every time.

Likewise with emergency Care, we can be there at your side within 24 hours if an accident or sudden medical condition means you need our help.

Again we come ready to care, however much or how little you need us. We support you to make life easier.

“I live in my own home, I choose my own support, I do activities I want when I want and I achieve positive things for me.”

We provide the specialist support to make this happen! We support people with learning disabilities including autistic spectrum conditions and mental health needs. We work in partnership with each persons ‘circle of support’ to make a positive and real difference to the lives of people we support. We focus on each person’s abilities and support them to reach their goals.

A person with autism may have a number of difficulties that impairs their abilities. These difficulties are often referred to as the triad of impairments and include difficulties with: language and communication, flexibility of thought/imagination, and social and emotional engagement. People diagnosed with autism and Asperger’s may have some or all of these impairments to differing degrees.

People can find it difficult to understand the full extent of interactions in the world around them and may be over or under sensitive to sound, touch, light etc. Communicating these difficulties can be very challenging. People with autism can have difficulties understanding communication, verbal/hand gestures, how other people are thinking and feeling, and may find it hard to engage in conversations with others. Often people can find themselves isolated and unable to overcome these barriers without knowledgeable and compassionate support.

Some people with autism may show a predisposition to structured ways of doing things that leads to repetitive patterns of thoughts and routines and behaviours that help them feel safe. If these are changed they can feel out of control.

Our staff are trained and experienced in working with people with autism and provide the dedicated and committed support the person needs, to help them gain experiences, develop skills to understand and interact more and to make them feel safe and secure.

The term mental health needs covers a wide range of needs and difficulties which can affects a persons ability to function day-to-day, for a short period of time or throughout their lives. This can include: anxiety-related, depressive, schizophrenic and personality disorders. If someone is diagnosed with a learning disability and mental health needs they will require more specialist support.

People with some cognitive or communication difficulties may find it more challenging to understand their needs, the treatment and the support they require, to manage and support their mental health needs; we work with health professionals and the persons circle of support to understand these. We complete transition visits to get to know the person and the support they need. We select and train staff to have the right skills and any additional training required is sourced. Consistency and reliability is essential to people and when there is a higher complexity of need, we ensure that we work as a team with everyone involved in their care, to get the support right for the individual.

Our role is to ensure we support the person to have the best quality of life, re-build their confidence and skills, lower their anxieties and enable them to manage their mental health needs.